Kervy Delcy Performing Arts School

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Terms and Conditions


Private lessons are offered on a first come first served. Your appointment time can only be reserved once payment has been made


  1. All lessons must be paid in advance.
  2. We accept bank transfer Via PayPal, Zelle, Debit/Credit card through our website, cash option for in-studio/home lessons.


  1. We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.
  2. Make-up lessons cannot be rescheduled a second time.
  3. Students who missed three lessons in a row will lose their time slot and need to immediately contact the school.


  • Refund is available 14 days prior the start of the semester for semester based courses.
  • Refund is available 14 days after the purchased date of a  pre-recorded video courses


As we offer back to back piano lessons if a student is late it will be up to the instructor’s discretion as to whether or not they extend the lesson

Customer Service

  1.  All of our instructors are performing artists and as such, they may be required to take time off for upcoming performances, recitals or concerts. In the event that this does occur the instructor reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher. Sufficient notice will always be given.
  2. Any concerns between students and instructors must be brought up directly to the CEO of the school.

330 7th Avenue,

New York, NY 10001.


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Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday 10:0 AM - 7:30 PM