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The Popular Music Program prepares students for a career as  a producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, sound designer, and songwriter.  No pre-requisite is required for this program. This program is beginner friendly, therefore, anyone can apply.  In Music Production one and Music Production two, each student receives a bi-weekly one on one private session with a qualified instructor. upon the complication of the certificate, each student gets a five pages portfolio website to showcase their works. Music Production, Mixing, and Mastering classes are offered in Logic and Ableton. Students choose whichever they are comfortable with.

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If you are interested in this programs  are not sure if  it is the right fit for you, feel free to reach out, an advisor will gladly help you out. Reach out  even if you just want to know more what we offer and what opportunities will be available to you upon the completion of the program . 

Students must own one of the following softwares before the beginning of class. Logic Pro X or Ableton Live. Students take the following three courses on either of one those softwares not both.

Logic Pro X vs Ableton Live

Logic is suitable for Composers, Songwriters, Orchestrators, Producers, and film composers. The piano roll in logic makes it easy to see and correct a note in music notation format. Drummer in Logic makes it very easy for beginners to create or edit a very strong drum track.
Ableton Live is suitable for electronic music, DJing, producing, and Live performance. Ableton has something called sessions view which allows you to produce short clips or musical ideas then transfer them to the arrangement view where the arranging of the song takes place.

Music Production I: Your First Song

Music Production II: Advanced Techniques

Music Production III: Sound Design

Advanced Professional Certificate Courses.

Professional Certificate Courses.

We Don't Fit In, We Stand Out.

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 Upon the completion of a certificate, students come out of the program with a strong portfolio. Additionally, each student audition for Melodic studio for a chance to work one on one with a producer to create your EP album, a photo shoot and a music video.  Non music students audition for Théatre Moderne et  Opéra for a chance to be in one of their play production in New York.

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