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Online Violin Class
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We offer video-calling coaching for various instruments.

Each student will gain knowledge of Music Theory, Sight-Reading, Sight-Singing (for voice students), Solfege, Instrumental Techniques, and Musicianship. 

Playing the Piano
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Our one-on-one sessions are conducted at the National Opera America Center. Lessons are offered in 30 minutes, 45, minutes and one-hour sessions.

Music Recording
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Our pre-recorded online courses can be purchased at one level at a time or you can save by purchasing bundles. We also offer support for any concerns or issues, if any.

*Music Production with Ableton Live.

*Music Production Logic Pro X.

* Songwriting and Music Theory for Pop/Electronic Music.

* Music Theory for Classical Music and Orchestration.

* Music Composition.

Multi-storey Library

Spring Semester

Courses and certificates

Professional and Advanced Professional Certificates In The Following Subjects

*Music Production in Ableton Live

*Music Production in Logic Pro X

*Contemporary Music Theory and Songwriting

* Classical/Orchestral Music Theory

*Music Composition

Our Location for Private Lessons and Recitals 

Kervy Delcy Performing Arts School is a private school located in the National Opera America Center in New York City and online. The focus of the school is to train aspiring musicians, singer-songwriters, actors, dancers, and performers, by preparing them for the real-world experience or to prepare them to become future instructors.


The school offers classes in:

  • Music Composition

  • Songwriting 

  • Music Theory

  • Music Production

  • Singing

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Bass Guitar

  • Steel Pan

  • Drums

  • Acting

  • Dance



Our instructors are leaders, subject matters expert, award-winners professors.

Kervy Delcy

  • Piano

  • Music Theory

  • Music Composition

  • Songwriting

  • Beginners Guitar

Her excellency, Ms. Delcy leads all Guitar and Piano classes.  Her skill set encompasses Composing, Playwriting, and Music, including the ability to play 5 different instruments.

Shahob Newman

  • Bass Guitar

Our Bass instructor, Shahob plays both lead and rhythm and is one of the few modern players who are doing the most to advance the art of bass. 

Devon Atherley

Our Panist, Devon hails from the home of the steelpan - Trinidad & Tobago. He has over 20 years of experience performing across the globe.

  • Music Production & Steel Pan

Juney Li

  • Beginners Piano

Juney Li
Is a NYC based vocalist, pianist and a band leader. She is actively involved in both Chinese and American communities. Through her music she naturally blends two cultures together. She teaches piano and guitar in both English and Chinese.


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