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Classical Music

Professional And Advanced Professional Certificates In Classical Music


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The Classical Music Program prepares students for a career as  a composer, music theorist, arranger, and orchestrator. Students take core music classes  in;  Music Theory, Music History, Ear Training, Orchestration, Music Composition and Piano..

The courses are the same as a four years bachelor degree at any college with the exception of the general education. The school doesn’t provide general education courses because we want you to spend your time focusing on your musical journey.

since this is a college level program, it is required that students have some knowledge of music theory prior to taking these courses.

Acceptance to this program requires two steps

1) Fill out the Application.

2) Attend a one on one Interview to determine if the program is the right fit for you.

Upon acceptance, each student is assigned an advisor to help them navigate the courses accordingly.

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If you are interested in one of our programs but you are not sure if you meet the requirements, feel free to reach out, an advisor will gladly help you out. Reach out to know how you can study one on one with one of our qualified instructors  before applying or while taking the courses. You can also take one of our pre-recorded video lessons and study at your own pace until you’re ready to jump into the program.

Curriculum for Advanced Professional Certificate.

Professional Certificate.

We Don't Fit In, We Stand Out.

Why Choose Us

 Upon the completion of a certificate, students come out of the program with a strong portfolio. Additionally, each student audition for Melodic studio for a chance to work one on one with a producer to create your EP album, a photo shoot and a music video.  Non music students audition for Théatre Moderne et  Opéra for a chance to be in one of their play production in New York.

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