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Acting Classes

Acting Courses are offered in Four Levels; I-II-III- and IV

Acting I: Beginner

This class offers an Introduction to the principles of acting, which  includes: Self-awareness, relaxation, concentration, awareness of your surroundings, your objectives, how to overcome obstacles, and text analysis through  Basic scene and monologue.

Acting II: Intermediate Techniques

This class is a Continuation of acting I. Acting II focuses on more intensive works,  scenes study from the modern realistic and naturalistic repertoire. Pre-requisite: Acting I.

Acting III: Advanced Techniques

This class is a continuation of acting II. Advanced acting techniques are explored throughout those twelve weeks. We explore the works  of classical and modern playwrights with a consideration of the theatrical language, breathing techniques  for actors and body movements. verbal imagery and word-as-action. Pre-requisite: Acting II.

Acting IV: Auditioning

This class is for students who have completed acting III. Students spend 12 weeks learning about body presence on stage during the audition process, eliminating nervousness, how to stay grounded on stage even when you mess up. Each week, students participate in audition mockup.


Professional actors will be invited to provide masterclasses so that you can have an idea about how to switch from being a student to becoming a professional actor.

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Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday 10:0 AM - 7:30 PM